Missouri Terrazzo has been in business since 1932. Although we always have installed industrial and decorative epoxy floors, the installation of all types of terrazzo has been the backbone of our business. Today we are the largest terrazzo contractor in Missouri and Southern Illinois.


The largest users of terrazzo floors in the local market consist of schools, supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings and government buildings. While our company primarily focuses its marketing in Missouri, Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee, Central and Southern Illinois, it has had projects in a number of other areas. Performing projects in other geographic areas is dependent upon competition in the area and our company's contacts wanting us to preform the work. We have completed work on projects in the Atlanta, Pensacola and Memphis Airports, Federal Express World Headquarters in Memphis, the Kansas City Federal Court House and the University of Notre Dame, along with numerous projects throughout Missouri and Illinois.


As we have built our terrazzo division, we continue to build our epoxy division. Our epoxy division specializes in all types of flooring systems, which include:

• Decorative Seamless Flooring

• Floor Leveling

• Floor Sloping

• Industrial Flooring

• Epoxy Coatings

• Shot Blasting

• Polished Concrete

• Stained Concrete


We are an active member of The Association of General Contractors as a specialty member. We are also an active member of the N. T. M. A. (The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association). The N. T. M. A. provides assistance to its members in answering technical questions from architects and designers, publishes newsletters concerning the industry and develops technical, promotional and maintenance brochures. The goal of this organization is the promotion of quality terrazzo installations throughout the United States.


Our company presently has 8 office personnel, 2 warehouse managers and the number of field personnel ranges from 40 to 50 based on the volume of work. All field personnel are members of Local 18 of the International Bricklayers for terrazzo or the St. Louis Painters and Decorators Joint Trade Board for our epoxy floor division. All field personnel are minimum 10 hr OSHA trained.


 Our formula for success is simple…

     • Price our work competitively

     • Start and complete our work as scheduled

     • Stand for service & quality workmanship


Most importantly, we can live up to our commitments because of the "INTEGRITY" of the people in our company that you will be dealing directly with during the bidding and installation.


Offering Flooring Solutions Since 1932